The Surge Game Scary

Scared as heck, Warren is looking for a job – that’s your character. leading up to this time the world has tanked and everything is going wrong dur to all the big corporate companies have cause the whole planet to fall apart. You are also looking for a cure being a paralegic. So you are looking to work with CREO. They are a medical device company and register with them to get these new implants and use a new exoskeleton.

The exoskeleton not only gives you the mobility you need for you handicap it also pumps your capability with speed , energy. The other side of the coin is that CREO takes your soul in exchange for this new capability.
The Surge’s story is about as unnerving as they come. The world has fallen to pieces, in part because mega-corporations have failed as stewards of the earth. Not to worry, though, as they also offer the cure. You play as Warren, a paraplegic looking for work with CREO-a medical device company. In the opening moments, you register for implants that could cure you, but will require you to work for CREO using a snazzy new exoskeleton. It gives you boosted strength and speed, and of course helps you walk again, but as payment CREO more or less takes your soul. But it gets darker.

Imagine climbing on the operating table for the procedure an this happens: You’re chemically paralyzed, but not anesthetized. You can’t move but you can feel everything that’s going on. As machines hack and drill into your flesh and bone, you feel every excruciating second-haunting screams bellow out of the speakers as you watch bots cut into Warren. Then, you’re dumped out into the wasteland just outside the facility, discarded as a failure. Now, you fight to survive, because what else is there to do?

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