Hot News on XBox

  • The next Xbox One and Windows 10 updates have arrived. It brings to the market new features and functionality.
  • Starting off on Xbox One, a new tab called “Tournaments” will now appear in Killer Instinct’s game page to add Arena support to the fighting game. From the Tournaments hub you can view available tournaments and join them.
  • The new update also introduces the ability for players to create their own tournaments. Users can set a time and date, alter the settings, and write a description. The tournaments can then be posted to a Club’s activity feed as a means to attract more players.Other features¬† on Xbox One and Windows 10 through the the update, as posted on Xbox Wire:Group now has notifications – find out right away when someone posts. Additionally, LFG posts can be shared on activity feeds and through messages.
    Xbox Live Clubs now allow members to filter broadcasts by games and the “maturity rating” of a stream. Additionally, a Beam tab has been added to show broadcasts from that source.
    You can now overlay the names of people in your party who are speaking. You can change the position of the overlay and its transparency.
  • Check back for updates…