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InHTown Pinterest Group Boards

InHTown Pinterest group boards sometime add users to help with pin content. These boards allow other Pinterest users to be added becoming managers of the board’s content. The boards CEO or owner may invite other Pinterest users to participate in managing the board. We use the term “CEO” to indicate that these are boards on Pinterest created by a member or members on our team. These boards may or may not be a group board.

The CEO may also allow other Pinterest users to request to be added to the board. The option is totally up to the CEO. If the requestor is accepted to the board then he or she may add content (Pins) to the board.

To manage an InHTown board’s content users may need to be a registered user with InHTown.com website. These users will help bring relevant pin content to boards that they manage as well as insure that the content adhere related policies.

If you are interested in joining one or our group boards please follow the instructions provided by Pinterest.