Fire Emblem has been around for over 25 years. It has gone through many changes over that time. For sure 25 years for a video game is – well – a long time. But the difference here in this new version – Fire Emblem Echoes is remake of a very early game in the series-Fire Emblem Gaiden. Fire Emblem Echoes puts its focus on long- and short-term strategy and strength-building.

Fire Emblem Echoes is a role-playing game (RPG). Echoes follows the leads of Alm and Celica. Alm and Celica are a two youths that bear a strange crest upon their hands. The kids bond together as children in a tiny farming village, only to be torn apart by a sudden dramatic event. Many years after the fact, you’re in control of both characters–and their respective armies–in search of a reunion amongst a conflict-ridden yarn spun of large-scale wars, hidden pasts, and shocking truths.

Nintendo’s Fire Emblem Echoes is available in Android and iPhone as well as other platforms.