Each Thursday, Bungie publishes the latest news about its popular online shooter, Destiny, through a blog feature called “This Week at Bungie.” While these updates are usually full of in-depth information on tweaks, balancing, and future news, the Destiny developer’s update is noticeably scarce this week.

Instead of providing the granular details players typically expect from these updates, Bungie’s Deej teases that we’ll learn more about new content coming in March tomorrow morning at 12 p.m. Eastern / 9 a.m. Pacific. The tease hints at what tomorrow’s announcement will hold, including new challenges, sandbox changes, and a reveal schedule, but doesn’t provide much more than that.

Bungie also mentions that a title update will be pushed to all PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players next week, but will not affect anything on the gameplay side. During the maintenance window associated with this update, players may have difficulty downloading content and accessing the Destiny Companion app.

The most recent expansion for Destiny was 2016’s Rise of Iron. Last month, Activision revealed that Destiny 2 is planned to release this fall. No word on if this announcement will mention either of those, or if the new update will be separate from those two releases.

[Source: Bungie]

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