The Overwatch Twitter account released a rather enigmatic teaser today, pointing to what’s next for Blizzard’s smash-hit online shooter. Having to do with an event called The King’s Row Uprising, which apparently took place 7 years ago in the Overwatch canon, the teaser simply states that the mission record will be “declassified” on April 11. Does this mean a new event is on the way, or possibly even a new game mode? We will have to wait until April 11 to find out. In the mean time, you can check out the tweet down below.

Initiating archive declassification…
Mission files unlock: April 11

RETWEET to confirm.

— Overwatch (@PlayOverwatch) April 3, 2017

If you look closely, the trailer also appears to show a new skin for Tracer. While I highly doubt that will be the only thing to come out of this teaser, it is an interesting look into what can be expected. With the King’s Row stage being set in Tracer’s homeland of Britain, I wouldn’t be surprised if she takes the spotlight for whatever goes down there.

In other Overwatch news, Blizzard recently unveiled a spiffy Widowmaker statue on their online store, and new tank hero Orisa has been recently released. She’s pretty neat.

[Source: Overwatch Twitter]

Our Take
A name like King’s Row Uprising immediately brings to mind Overwatch’s Omnic Crisis. Given the popularity of the Halloween Event’s featured wave-based co-op mode, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see something similar happen here. On the other hand, it could just be a facelift to the existing King’s Row stage as part of an event, with some themed skins for a complete package. Either way, it’s been too long since I had some special skins to strive for, so hurry it up, Blizzard.

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