If Final Fantasy XV proved anything, it’s that Prompto has a lot
of heart. It also showed he has a lot of love for photography. During Final
Fantasy XV, one of the highlights was seeing what types of pictures Prompto
would snap of your journey. It helped sell the road trip, showcasing bonding
moments and tense times between all the party members. This feature in the game
was so popular that at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, a whole
panel was dedicated to Prompto’s photo-snapping skills.

The system was put in to help sell the road trip, just like the camping, eating, and fishing elements. Square Enix felt not everyone would want to take
their own photos. After all, that takes effort and time, so having a character
take on the action seemed like a good idea. The themes of the game dealt with
brotherhood and bonds, and what better way to showcase that than through
pictures? Square laid down some ground rules for the feature, however. First off, it
must serve as an achievement of your experiences, capturing memorable and not so memorable ones. We all often just snap pictures of our friends on a whim, and Square wanted to capture that feeling. Even more so, Square wanted for you to see a picture and feel like “this is my adventure.” The team also liked having characters voice
dialogue to go with them to add color to them.

If you noticed your photos didn’t always reflect scenes you
saw, but it was there to create the illusion of life – that the characters have
their own private lives going on while you’re away. That’s why you’ll catch
photos of them chitchatting or taking on activities with other characters. Square
developed the system to have certain triggers for when it would take a photo,
categorizing them as “joyful,” “wonderful” or “exciting.” Joyful shots focused
on characters; these were often when the selfies came into play.

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